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So you have a caravan now...

Photo by Blake Wisz on Unsplash

Here is a list of tips for people who are starting out towing a caravan! Towing a caravan can be a fun and rewarding way to travel, but it's important to make sure you have the necessary skills and knowledge to do it safely. In this list, we've compiled some essential tips to help you get started on your caravanning journey. Whether you're a season...

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Car games for Road Trippers

Photo by Jim Strasma on unsplash

There are plenty of car games to keep road trippers entertained. The old standbys like I Spy and the License Plate Game are always good for a few laughs. For a more challenging game, try playing 20 Questions or the Alphabet Game. If you're looking for something a little more active, try playing Car Bingo or Simon Says. And if you're really looking ...

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Travel in Victorian weather

12 Apostles by Graham Holtshausen via Unsplash

Melbourne, Australia's second largest city, is located in Victoria, the smallest mainland state. Hiking is popular in Victoria, especially at the Dandenong Ranges and Wilson Promontory. In addition to hosting tennis, cricket, Aussie rules football and rugby, Melbourne is also the centre of all Australian sport. Besides its excellent food, it is als...

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When to Travel in Western Australia

Photo by Nick Dunn via Unsplash

Western Australia is the largest state in Australia and home to Perth, the world's most isolated city. It is the fourth largest city in Australia. There are spectacular beaches, spacious green parks, and excellent food in this area, including Rottnest Island. Further inland is a wild and remote desert region that runs along the entire West Coast of...

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Bundles offers now available

Don't you hate paying full price for stuff? Yeah me too. Well now there is a way for you to get your hands on one of our new A3 Travel Scratch maps for 'less than full price'!! The idea is not new. All you need to do is take advantage of our new bundles. On our shop you'll find a new sub-section titled bundles where we have grouped together some of...

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New A3 Series in the works

As the current set of scratch maps continue to sell well, I've had many requests for alternatives. "Do you have a Queensland only one?" "I'd love a WA version!" "This is too big to keep in the caravan, do you have a smaller one?". Well I listened and got to work on a series of smaller scratch maps that I think are the perfect size for taking with y...

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Being a BIG user of Australia Post, Go-Roadtrip has been handed a document with all estimates for Christmas delivery cut-off dates. So if you are hoping to purchase your poster for a Christmas pressie, then please read on and get your orders in before your cut-off date. AUSTRALIAN SENDING DATES In the lead up to the traditionally busy peak period, ...

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It's one of my guilty pleasures. Whenever I have some downtime, or a break between jobs, I'll open up Youtube and see what it has to serve me. If you're logged into an account, it'll keep track of your viewing preferences and offer you videos based on what you've watched before. I usually find something on the first screen to watch. But if I don't ...

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Get set to get out on the road

This blog will feature stories, advice, hints and tips from some of the worlds greatest and most followed travellers found on social media. We've invited a select few to help kick off the blog and we will release their stories here from time to time. Would you like to contribute to this blog? No problems. Download our blog sheet document and have a...

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