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The Timeless Joy of Spotto: A Classic Car Ride Game

Car rides, often synonymous with monotony for children, take on a new life with the timeless game of Spotto. This classic pastime has been a staple of family road trips for generations, providing a simple yet endlessly entertaining diversion for kids and adults alike. The rules of Spotto are delightfully straightforward. Participants keep their eye...

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Tassie: things to do other than Mt Wellington

Here are Beks top 5 things to see apart from Mt Wellington.  1. Jump off soldiers rock It may sound a little daunting, jumping off a 10 metre rock into choppy, dark waves. But this is the best way to get that adreneline hit without paying hundreds for a tourist attraction, becuase its 100% free! Located in Blackmans Bay, its just a short 2 min...

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North Queensland Beauty

I am no stranger to a good road trip, blessed to have travelled all around Australia. We have an amazing diverse country that should be explored! But on a recent trip up to Townsville driving from Brisbane, we were reminded of north Queenland's beauty. It was hardly a discussion before my partner and I jumped back in the car and kept on driving nor...

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Car games for Road Trippers

Photo by Jim Strasma on unsplash

There are plenty of car games to keep road trippers entertained. The old standbys like I Spy and the License Plate Game are always good for a few laughs. For a more challenging game, try playing 20 Questions or the Alphabet Game. If you're looking for something a little more active, try playing Car Bingo or Simon Says. And if you're really looking ...

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This is always an important one that's for sure! Signing a contract for 6, 8 or 12 weeks with only one suitcase can cause a bit of anxiety (for the majority of us haha), but here is a handy list: Portable charger - this is so handy to have in your bag. During travel time, working double shifts and needing charge, this is so handyOutdoor essentials ...

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