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So, who is Go-Roadtrip?

We it's basically one guy. It's me! Damian Witham. Father of 3, Husband to a beautiful wife.

I'm just like you. I like to get outdoors, I like to travel and I love Australia. I have a small design business and I create visual communications for a whole heap of companies. Some you would definately know and others you wouldn't. I been doing this for a long time. A real long time. Probably from before you were born!

Along the way, during my downtime, I've dabbled in a few different schemes that I thought were great ideas, but didn't take off.

  • A trade directory on the internet. I was too early and too poor.
  • A series of website templates for schools. It was too hard to get in front of the right people.
  • An app that finds your nearest Bistro. Google maps? Hello.
  • App games. Turns out people baulk at paying 99c.
  • A Field Days exhibitor app. They couldn't see the value in it.
  • A local deals app for locals. Well, I just couldn't compete with Facebook.

I even started a brewery and worked in the snow for 2 seasons, all while keeping my design business running.

I always had the dream of selling something out of my garage. Manufacturing, packaging and taking down the post office mailing off to my customers. Doing inventory checks, Sourcing suppliers, putting smiles on as many peoples faces as I can.

And then I sparked an idea for the Australian Roadtrips scratch map. I had saved up a few grand for my next idea and it was time to get started. I did my research, created the artwork and found a suitable printer. Pretty soon I had 14 boxes in my garage.

Now what.

I created my online shop and waited. nothing.

OK, I built it and they didn't come. But I already knew why. Nobody knows that these scratch maps exist. So this is why you have been seeing my facebook and instagram ads all over your feeds. I need to get my product out there.

Go-Roadtrip was born a year or so before the covid-19 pandemic. And since then I've sold more than 2000 scratch maps.

It's still technically my 'side-hustle' but I continue to create more products and have more ideas everyday. It's taken 20 years for one of my ideas to actually work, and I encourage you all to keep trying too. 


Our most recent holiday as a family of 5 we travelled to far north Queensland and scuba dived together. A trip we will always cherish.