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Get involved with Go-Roadtrip

We want you to join the Go-Roadtrip family. If you've ordered one of out products and have received the box. Hooray! How exciting.

BUT PLEASE. Don't open it right away. We'd love you to take few short videos to share with us. 

Don't worry - you can crop out your face if you wish.


A couple of seconds of you holding the box. Maybe a little shake, or a wave in the air. Jumping for joy. Hugging the box. Get creative.


Opening the box and taking out the goods. Be gentle and caring as you open up the cardboard and pull out the map(s). Show it off with a smile.

VIDEO 3: (Optional)

When it comes time to use your map, we love to see you scratching it too. So feel free to send that to us as well.

How to send the videos to us

After filming your videos, we'd like you to use the file transferring service 'WeTransfer'. It's free and easy. Please follow these steps.

Navigate to

Add your video file. Choose from your Photo Library.

File has been added. Tap next.

Add my email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Add your email to verify.

A code will be sent your email. Add it here.

And it will be sent to me. THANKS!